There are continents, archipelagos, seas, deserts, mountain

Equal Rites

buy canada goose jacket cheap By Terry Pratchett buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose coats on sale Chapter canada goose factory sale One This is a story about magic and where it goes and perhaps more importantly where it comes from and why, Canada Goose Jackets although it doesn’t pretend to answer all or any of these questions. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose sale It may, however, help to explain why Gandalf never canada goose uk outlet got married and why Merlin was a man. They might. Canada Goose sale

However, it is primarily a story about a world. Here it comes now. Watch closely, the special effects are quite expensive.

Canada Goose Jackets A bass note sounds. It is a deep, vibrating chord that hints that the brass section may break in at any moment with a fanfare for the cosmos, because the scene is Canada Goose Online the blackness of deep space with a few cheap Canada Goose stars glittering like the dandruff on Canada Goose Coats On Sale the shoulders of God. Canada Goose Jackets

Then it comes into view overhead, bigger than Canada Goose Outlet the biggest, most unpleasantly armed starcruiser in the imagination of a three ring filmmaker: a turtle, ten thousand canada goose store miles long. It is Great A’Tuin, one of the rare astrochelonians from a universe where things are less as canadian goose jacket they are and more like people imagine them to be, and it carries on its meteorpocked shell four giant elephants who bear on their enormous shoulders the great round wheel of the Discworld.

canada goose store As the viewpoint swings around, the whole of the world can be seen by the light of its tiny orbiting sun. There are continents, archipelagos, seas, deserts, mountain buy canada goose jacket cheap ranges and even a tiny central ice cap. The inhabitants of this place, it is obvious, won’t have any truck with global theories. Their world, bounded by an encircling ocean that falls forever into space in one long waterfall, is as round and flat as buy canada goose jacket a geological pizza, although canada goose coats on sale without the anchovies. canada goose store

A world like that, which exists only because the gods enjoy canada goose uk black friday a joke, must be a place where magic can Canada Goose online survive. And sex too, of course.

canada goose deals He came walking through canada goose clearance sale the thunderstorm and you could tell he was a wizard, partly because of the long cloak and carven staff but mainly because the raindrops were stopping several feet from Canada Goose Parka his head, and steaming. canada goose deals

It was good thunderstorm country, up here in the Ramtop uk canada goose outlet Mountains, a canada goose country of jagged peaks, dense forests and little river valleys canada goose coats so deep the daylight had no sooner reached the bottom than it was time to leave again. Ragged wisps of cloud clung to the lesser peaks below the mountain trail along which the wizard slithered and slid. A few slot eyed goats watched him with mild interest. It doesn’t take a lot to Interest goats.

Sometimes he would canada goose outlet stop and throw his heavy staff into the air. It always came down pointing the same way and the canada goose clearance wizard would sigh, pick it up, and continue his squelchy progress.

The storm walked around the hills on legs of lightning, shouting and grumbling.

The wizard disappeared around the bend in the track and the goats went back to their damp grazing.

Canada Goose Outlet Until something else caused them to look up. They stiffened, their eyes widening, their nostrils flaring. Canada Goose Outlet

This was strange, because there was nothing on the path. But the goats still watched it pass by until it was out of sight.

buy canada goose jacket There was a village tucked in a narrow valley between steep woods. It wasn’t a large village, and wouldn’t have shown up on a map of the mountains. It barely showed up on a map of the village. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose clearance It was, in fact, one of those places that exist merely so that people can have uk canada goose come from them. The universe is littered with them: hidden villages, windswept little towns under wide sides, isolated cabins on chilly mountains, whose only mark on history is to be the incredibly ordinary place where something extraordinary started to happen. Often there is no more than a little plaque to reveal that, against all gynecological probability someone very famous was born halfway up a wall. canada goose clearance

canadian goose jacket Mist curled between the houses as the wizard crossed a narrow bridge over the swollen stream and made his way to the village smithy, although the two facts had nothing to do with one another. The mist would have curled anyway: it was experienced mist and had got curling down to a fine art. canadian goose jacket

canada goose The smithy was fairly crowded, cheap canada goose uk of course. A smithy is one place where you can depend canada goose black friday sale on finding a good fire and someone to talk to. Several villagers were lounging in the warm shadows but, as the wizard approached, they sat up expectantly and tried to look intelligent, generally with indifferent success. canada goose

The smith didn’t feel the need to be quite so subservient.

cheap Canada Goose He nodded at the wizard, but it was a greeting between equals, or at least between equals as far as the smith was concerned. After all, any halfway competent blacksmith has more than a nodding acquaintance with magic, or at least likes to think he Canada Goose sale has. cheap Canada Goose

The wizard bowed. A white cat that had been sleeping by the furnace canada goose uk shop woke up and watched him carefully.

Canada Goose Parka “What is the name of this place, sir?” said the wizard. Canada Goose Parka

The blacksmith shrugged.

“Bad Ass,” he said.

Canada Goose online “Bad?” Canada Goose online

“Ass,” repeated the blacksmith, his tone defying anyone to make something of it.

canada goose clearance sale The wizard considered this. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose black friday sale “A name with a story behind it,” he said at last, “which were circumstances otherwise I would be pleased to hear. But I would like to speak to you, smith, about your son.” canada goose black friday sale.

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